When plasti dip first came out, it was very limited in colors and finishes. In fact, there was no gloss option. Nowadays there are a lot more colors to choose from, and there are some gloss options.

Can you add clear coat to Plasti Dip?

Is Plasti Dip glossy?

Plasti Dip Glossy Spray provides a Gloss Black finish without the need for a separate Gloss Top Coat. Plasti Dip is a synthetic rubber based coating that's perfect for do-it-yourself projects around the home, garage, garden or shop.

How do you polish Plasti Dip?

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How do you make gloss matte rims?

How long should you wait between coats of Plasti Dip?

Allow 10 -30 minutes dry time (dry to the touch) before applying additional coats. A minimum of 5 coats is recommended for best performance and easy removal.

Is Plasti Dip Glossifier flexible?

Use Plasti Dip Spray with a top coat of Glossifier to add shiny finish to your project. It is the original peelable, flexible, insulating, non-slip and strong rubber-coating spray on the market today.

Can you make flat black shiny?

Glossing Up a Flat Finish

Simply paint over it with a clear, glossy varnish. Polyacrylic varnish is a good choice for most surfaces, whether covered with latex or oil paint. You can also use wallpaper varnish -- a thinner water-soluble product that comes in gloss, satin and flat.

How do I make matte gloss black?

Does Plasti Dip stick to rubber?

Plasti-Dip permanently adheres to all rubber, so make sure you are aware of that. It is also not resistant to bird poop. It also fades. And since it's flat, you'll have smudges and swirls all over it.

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