Can you rebuild a transmission?

A transmission rebuild involves a technician taking apart the entire transmission. As the transmission specialist finds issues, they will replace or repair the problem parts, and clean the assemblies. After the teardown, the technician will then carefully rebuild the transmission and reinstall it in your vehicle.

Can you use synthetic oil with slick50?

Yes, Slick 50® Engine Treatments are compatible with synthetic oils.

Who owns slick50?

"When a customer buys Slick 50 today, a brand owned by Shell Oil (NYSE:RD) after they bought Pennzoil/Quakerstate, that consumer is not getting the original formula. They're getting a reverse-engineered formula that doesn't stand up to the original formula's research and scientific claims.

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Does Lucas transmission additive really work?

Compared to how much you'd have to pay for a repair, Lucas Transmission Fix can be a cost effective solution for a problematic transmission. Does it work? It usually does, as long as the issue is caused by the common symptoms of slipping, hard shifting, and seal leaks and it hasn't become too serious.

Can you put too much Sea Foam in gas tank?

When cleaning a gasoline or diesel fuel system, it's safe to add more Sea Foam cleaning solvency to fuel. Ratios for induction cleaning devices can be as high as 50% Sea Foam to fuel. Additional: Sea Foam is made from highly-refined petroleum and cannot cause harm to an engine.

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