Can You Still Drive A Car With A Blown Head Gasket?

    Keep driving with a blown head gasket and it will inevitably lead to further car trouble. K-Seal can stop the problem in its tracks, before it’s too late. Technically you can drive with a blown head gasket, but we’d always advise against it. So why is driving with a blown head gasket such a terrible idea?

    How long can you drive your car with a blown head gasket?

    A typical head gasket has a rectangular border with circular holes on the inside for each cylinder. V6 and V8 model vehicles have two head gaskets. Removing a head gasket is easy… The hard part is getting to it!

    What happens if you keep driving with a blown head gasket?

    A blown or cracked head gasket can cause one of two problems: It can allow coolant to escape from your engine. The result is a loss in coolant, which can lead to overheating of your engine if you drive it for any length of time.

    What is a car with a blown engine worth?

    Instead, you should figure out how much you can sell a car with a bad engine for. CarBrain can make an offer on your car with a blown engine in just 90 seconds. We'll provide a fair market offer with free towing and title transfer included.

    Can gasket be replaced?

    Gaskets and oil seals should be replaced if worn or leaking, or whenever removed during servicing. Replacement is simple, but some engine dismantling may be necessary to reach them. Buy gasket sets from a dealer for the make of car, and state clearly for what parts they are needed.

    Do head gaskets get old?

    A head gasket therefore is generally designed to never fail or need replacing, with the long bolts of the engine block squeezing it in place to a desired tolerance.