If there are, then you need to sand them before Plasti dipping your car. It makes no sense applying a protective layer of Plasti dip if the surface itself is already rusted. The rust will continue to eat away at the metal of your car. If you see small surface imperfections, you can use an auto primer spray.

How do you prep for Plasti Dip?

Before applying the plasti-dip to the car it MUST be clean. Plasti-dip is an overlay that will form a separate layer on top of any surface- including dust and dirt so get the surface REALLY CLEAN. After cleaning the area dry it with a cloth.

Can you Plasti Dip over scratches?

Plastic dip works the same way regular paint does when it comes out the can, so if you start with a scratched surface then you will just be adding to each layer in an uneven pattern. If you are painting over a car with scratches then you can lightly sand the area to even it out and then just clean it and spray over it.

How do I get a smooth finish with Plasti Dip?

Related Question Do you need to sand before Plasti Dip?

When should I take plastidip off tape?

Problem with plastidip is they recommend letting it sit 15 mins between coats. So that would mean letting it dry before removing the tape.

Is it bad to Plasti Dip in cold weather?

Note: Plasti Dip will withstand -30 to 200°F, using for applications above or below these temperatures is not recommended. Avoid spraying in windy and dusty conditions. If the aerosol can is cold when spraying, Plasti Dip may have a poor & inconsistent fan spray, coarse droplets, and sags-runs.

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