How to Clean Fuel Injectors without Removing Them? This is an easy-to-follow guide on how to clean fuel injectors at home without removing them. Step 1. Get a fuel injector cleaning kit. Purchase a fuel injector cleaning tool suitable for your car make and model. You should get a cleaning tool that comes with a hose that connects to the fuel rail and fuel injectors and a canister of fuel injector cleaning solvent that can dissolve hard carbon buildups more effectively than other cleaning

Can you soak fuel injectors to clean them?

Never soak fuel injectors in harsh chemicals like; injector cleaners, Seafoam, acetone, etc. This can cause damage to the coil insulation and internal seals. Besides, you can't get them clean by soaking. Don't use excessive force when installing injectors into the rail or manifold or the o-rings may get damaged.

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