How do you dilute an ONR?

Dilute ONR to 256:1 (256 parts water, 1 part product) in a spray bottle or pump sprayer. Apply a layer to the car and rinse after around 30 seconds. Continue to pre-wash the car as you usually would.

How do I use Optimum ONR?

What liquid do you use with clay bar?

One can either use a quick detailer product or a water/automotive wash solution as a lubricant during the clay bar process. Here at AQS we fill a clean wash bucket with fresh water and automotive wash solution and use a fresh wash mitt to lubricate our surface and clay.

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Is ONR a quick detailer?

Re: ONR as a quick detailer

And yes it works as a QD as well but do look into Optimum Instant Detailer and Gloss Enhancer for this purpose as well.

How does ONR work?

With ONR, there's no buffing. Instead, its formula softens the wash water and attacks dirt at the molecular level. The dirt's “grip” on your paint is broken as particles are encapsulated in a bubble of slippery polymer, so you're basically lubricating the dirt away.

What is ONR solution?

Before No Rinse Wash & Shine (ONR), there was no choice other than to use regular car wash shampoos that impact on water restrictions, and in many areas these shampoos are simply no longer allowed. This unique product contains substantive polymers that bond to the paint and protect it from abrasion during the wash.

What can I use for clay lube?

Yes, soapy water makes a very decent clay lubricant! It's by far the cheapest way to do it and you likely already have some in stock, so you can mix it up right now. After you wash the car, mix the same proportions of car shampoo and water in a clean bucket or spray bottle and apply generously to the surface.

Can you water with clay bar lube?

Not Really. The fact of the matter is that water on its own isn't enough to act as a lubricant for clay. As water is not “slick”, it will not allow the clay to glide over the paint with ease.

Can I use soapy water with a clay bar?

An alternative to a spray detailing lubricant is good old soapy water. Be sure to rinse your wash mitt thoroughly and use a fresh bucket of soapy water, not what's left over from washing. After claying one or two body panels, your clay will begin to look dirty. Don't be alarmed, that's just the clay doing its job.

Is ONR any good?

ONR was the first rinseless wash that I tried and I%u2019ve felt no need to try others. Quality and ease of use are excellent. I strongly recommend pre-wetting each panel with ONR solution in a garden sprayer or spray bottle, and very dirty vehicles should be rinsed before using ONR (but a rinse is not required after).

Can one be used as a drying aid?

This is a very versatile product. I've used it as a spray wax, drying aid, window coating, interior detailer, and even on leather seats. It still gets high marks from me because it can be used in so many ways.

How much is Optimum No Rinse per gallon?

5oz's of Optimum No Rinse per gallon of water. Or 256:1 ratio. Using the Optimum Big Red Sponge apply ONR to the surface. No need for scrubbing.

Does ONR protect paint?

The description for ONR says it contains polymers which bond to the paint to protect it during the wash. It does feel like a layer of something is on the paint.

Can you use ONR on leather?

ONR at the standard wash dilution does a really great job at wiping down hard surfaces, leather, and can handle glass pretty well.

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