You will know that the H3 offers a value for money. We found that the lowest price is $19,360 for the 2010 Hummer H3. And the highest price (Luxury variant) is around $28,000. If you get the Luxury variant, you can enjoy a 3.7L engine which is paired with automatic transmission.

How much does a 2020 Hummer cost?

It'll be coined the “EV2” and will launch in spring of 2024. It will be preceded by the EV2x in 2023 (the lowest model that can do the CrabWalk) and the Hummer EV3X, which will be available in Fall of 2020 with a $99,995 price tag.

How much does a 2021 Hummer H3 cost?

Starting in fall 2021, the Hummer EV Edition 1 will go on sale for a suggested price of $112,595.

How much does a used Hummer H3 cost?

Average Price of Used Hummer H3 Trims

TrimAverage PriceListings
Used Hummer H3 Base (2006-2010)$12,728333 Listings
Used Hummer H3 Luxury (2007, 2009-2010)$15,12429 Listings
Used Hummer H3 Alpha (2008-2010)$20,27126 Listings
Used Hummer H3 Adventure (2007, 2009-2010)$11,68724 Listings

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How fast is a Hummer H3?


0 - 100 kph10.0 s
Top speed156 kph (97 mph)

How much is a Jeep?

The Wrangler's base trim carries an MSRP of $28,475 for the two-door body style and $31,975 for the four-door (Unlimited) body style. That's much higher than the starting prices of most other compact SUVs. The popular Wrangler Rubicon costs $38,875 and $42,375 for the two-door and four-door body styles, respectively.

How much is the cheapest Hummer?

2022 GMC Hummer EV Starts at $112,595, Cheaper Models Coming Later

  • The 2022 GMC Hummer EV starts at $112,595 for the Edition 1 model.
  • The fully loaded Edition 1 will be the only version available at first, with lesser models coming for the 2023 model year.
  • GMC is taking reservations for the Hummer for a $100 deposit.
  • Why are Hummers so expensive?

    Why do hummers cost so much? The Hummers are expensive because they are no longer being produced. On top of that, they are built to be extremely durable with strong exterior and powerful engines. Here are the facts about the wild price range of Hummers.

    How much is a rivian truck?

    So far, Rivian has two fully electric vehicles — the R1T pick-up truck and the R1S SUV. The R1T launched in September and is priced from $US67,500 ($92,300).

    How much is a 2010 Hummer H3?

    H3 Trims

    Sport UtilityOriginal MSRP / PriceEngine
    H3 SUV 4WD 4dr$33,390 / $31,0525 Cylinder
    H3 SUV 4WD 4dr Adventure$35,960 / $33,4425 Cylinder
    H3 SUV 4WD 4dr Alpha$41,705 / $38,7858 Cylinder
    H3 SUV 4WD 4dr Luxury$38,365 / $35,6795 Cylinder

    Are Hummers good cars?

    Most people who own a Hummer will tell you it's the most dependable thing on wheels. Others, however, say it's the most overrated car on the planet. You pay so much for it only for it to be completely overkill. The original Hummer is the Humvee, designed and built for the United States military by AM General.

    What is a 2010 Hummer H3 worth?

    The value of a used 2010 HUMMER H3 ranges from $7,361 to $16,786, based on vehicle condition, mileage, and options.

    What is a H3 worth?

    The H3's Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) ranges from just over $30,000 for the base H3 to a high of $43,000 for a loaded H3x. The V8-powered Alpha starts around $39,000 and can push past $45,000 fully loaded. Like other Hummers, the H3 has a personality of its own.

    Is a Hummer H3 a 4x4?

    All Hummer models, including the H1, H2, and H3 have 4×4 controls. However, the individual features present in the four-wheel-drive system varies across different models.

    How much gas does a Hummer H3 use?

    Compare Side-by-Side

    2006 Hummer H3 4WD
    EPA Fuel Economy16 MPG 14 18 combined city/highway city highway
    6.2 gal/100mi
    368 miles Total Range
    MPG estimates for 2016 and older vehicles may have been revised Learn moreView Original EPA MPG

    How much does Hummer H1 cost?

    About the HUMMER H1

    Sport UtilityOriginal MSRP/PriceDrive
    H1 4-Passenger K-Series Enclosed$115973 / $101731AWD4WD
    H1 4-Passenger Wgn Alpha$139771 / $131335AWD4WD

    What is the maximum speed of Hummer?

    Hummer H2 Specifications, Features, & Overview

    Engine6.2 Litre V8, FFV Engine
    Maximum Power393 BHP at 5,700 RPM
    Peak Torque563 NM at 4,300 RPM
    Top Speed200 kmph
    0-100 kmph8.20 Seconds

    How fast can a H1 Hummer go?

    The Hummer H1 top speed is limited to 96 mph to protect the heavy-duty axles.

    What's the cheapest Jeep to buy?

  • 2020 Jeep Compass. The Jeep Compass is an SUV that starts at $22,280 (MSRP).
  • 2020 Jeep Renegade. The 2020 Jeep Renegade is an SUV that starts at $22,375 (MSRP).
  • 2020 Jeep Cherokee. The 2020 Jeep Cherokee ranges from $25,840 to $34,845 (MSRP).
  • How much is a 2021 Jeep Gladiator?

    2021 Jeep Gladiator Pricing and Specs. The Jeep Gladiator 2021 prices range from $65,450 for the basic trim level Ute Gladiator Sport S (4X4) to $86,450 for the top of the range Ute Gladiator Launch Edition (4X4).

    Is a Hummer a Jeep?

    Hummer H3: Hummer can trace its roots back to Jeep. In 1970, American Motors purchased Jeep. In 1999, General Motors acquired exclusive rights to the Hummer name and began marketing Hummer-branded vehicles designed by GM, including the Hummer H2 - which is still produced by A.M. General - and the midsized Hummer H3.

    Are Hummers bulletproof?

    Hummers are not bullet-proof. They are purely civilian vehicles designed for noncombat applications. However, aftermarket ballistic protection companies can make any Hummers bulletproof but it's not standard from the factory.

    How much is a army Hummer?

    Nowadays, the average cost of a fully-equipped military Humvee is over $220,000, which makes the one you're about to drop a couple thousand on a real steal! Of course, modern military Humvees have a few more upgrades (and armor) than those available at the surplus.

    Are Hummers illegal?

    All civilian Hummers including the H1, H2, and H3 models are street legal. But not all military Hummers are street legal. You need to do some modifications before you can drive a military Hummer on public roads.

    How safe is a Hummer H3?

    In National Highway Transportation Safety Administration crash tests, the H3 scored five stars (out of five) for the driver and four stars for the front passenger in frontal impacts. Side impact testing by that agency resulted in five stars for both front and rear.

    Are Hummers easy to work on?

    A Hummer is difficult to maintain except you are doing the work yourself. But not everybody has the skill-sets except maybe for veterans who served with the truck or highly skilled civilians. Below, we look at the common problems that can reduce the reliability of your Hummer.

    What company owns Rivian?

    When considering its previous ownership, Amazon now owns about 22% of Rivian.

    How much does the Tesla pickup truck cost?

    Price: How much will Tesla Cybertruck cost? At the event in Los Angeles, Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced that the new Cybertruck will start at $39,900 before incentives, but there will be two more AWD variations that will start at $49,900 and $69,900 respectively.

    How much is a Rivian SUV?

    The company says it'll start delivering R1S models to customers in fall 2021. It kicks off with a Launch Edition that starts at $75,500, but a more affordable Explore trim level will soon join the lineup alongside a more expensive Adventure model.

    Which is bigger Hummer H2 or H3?

    Exterior. The H2 is bigger all around, at 203.5 inches long, 81.2 inches wide and 79.2 inches high, with a 69.4-inch track width and 122.8-inch wheelbase. The H3 is 188.1 inches long, 85 inches wide and 73 inches high, with a 65-inch track width and 111.9-inch wheelbase. The H3 has skid plates.

    Is there a 2019 Hummer?

    The 2019 Hummer H2 is the featured model.

    What car brand is a Hummer?

    Are Hummer H3 worth buying?

    If you're keen on the H3's looks and style, or if you plan on plenty of recreational use, a used H3 should be a good purchase. Still, our editors feel that most buyers will be better served by other used midsize SUVs. The Hummer H3 was a midsize SUV that was produced from 2006-'09.

    What problems do Hummer H3 have?

    The biggest problem facing the 2006 Hummer H3 was the engine. It was plagued with issues. Owners reported that it ran roughly, had leaky valves, cylinder heads failed, had low compression, and the engine failed. To say that owners were extremely frustrated is an understatement.

    Do Hummers hold their value?

    Hummers depreciate like most other cars. But they can hold their value for longer because any Hummer you plan to buy or sell now will be pre-owned. In the first year of ownership, you can expect a 10-year-old Hummer to depreciate by up to 15.6% or more.

    How much were Hummer H2 New?

    The 2009 HUMMER H2 SUT's Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) starts around $60,000 and quickly moves up as options are added.

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