On average for most vehicles, it costs about $150-$200 to replace a thermostat by itself. It can be less if combined with other services. For some specific examples of the thermostat replacement cost on some common vehicles, we are using $100 an hour as a labor rate:

What happens when car thermostat goes bad?

Because your thermostat controls temperature of fluids from the radiator hose, a bad thermostat will cause your car to overheat. If the thermostat becomes stuck in the closed position, antifreeze doesn't flow from the radiator, causing overheating.

How do you know if your car thermostat needs to be replaced?

  • High Temperature. One of the first signs that your thermostat may need replacement is how high the temperature inside gets.
  • Cold Engine.
  • Temperature Gauge Issues.
  • Coolant Level Issues.
  • How long does it take to replace a thermostat on a car?

    The thermostat replacement job should take a mechanic about 1 to 2 hours to complete it.

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    How long can I drive my car with a bad thermostat?

    If it is failed in a closed position then you cannot really drive it with the thermostat broken, as the engine would overheat. This however will not generally have any impact on the ability to drive the car, at least if you let it warm up before you start driving.

    What causes a thermostat to fail?

    Thermostats fail because they become weak, stuck open or stuck closed. When a thermostat is stuck open, coolant constantly circulates and the engine takes longer to reach operating temperature.

    Do I need to replace my car thermostat?

    Aside from this type of preventive maintenance, a thermostat doesn't need to be replaced unless it stops opening and closing when it's supposed to. If it sticks in the closed position, that traps coolant in the engine so that it overheats.

    How hard is it to change a thermostat in a car?

    Replacing a car's thermostat (or T-stat) is an easy and inexpensive repair. In most cases it will cure an overheating or no-heat problem, sparing the time and expense needed for expert diagnostics.

    What will happen if thermostat is removed?

    TOM: Yes, Lee, removing the thermostat does make the car run cooler. When the engine is too cool, the thermostat closes and stops the coolant from flowing through the radiator, so the engine heats back up.

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