Average Water Pump Replacement Cost. Low: 300$. Average: 500$. High: 1500$.

Is a water pump expensive?

Water pumps are in general not very expensive, however the installation can really vary depending on how the pump is driven. Most often your water pump replacement cost will be between $40 and $80 dollars.

How long does it take to replace a water pump?

How long does it take to replace a water pump? Replacing a water pump can be a steady half-day's work. A simple and straightforward switch might only take 2 hours, but some of the more complicated could take even the most competent mechanic a full day. We'd suggest between 2 and 4 hours for the majority.

Can a car water pump be repaired?

Once the bearings fail inside the water pump, it means the unit cannot be repaired and will need to be replaced entirely. If you notice that there is a loud whining sound coming from the front of your motor that increases in volume as you accelerate, contact a mechanic as soon as possible to inspect your vehicle.

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How much is a new pump?

The average price of a new well pump falls between $200 and $800 depending on size and type. Submersible pumps range between $200 and $1,200 while jet pumps cost $100 to $800 before installation.

Average Well Pump Prices.

Type of PumpCost
Deep Jet$175 - $800
Shallow Jet$100 - $500

How do I know if my car water pump is working?

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