As mentioned in our intro, if there is enough thickness of the rotors, then a mechanic may recommend resurfacing the part. If so, the costs, from what we researched, can range anywhere from $40 to $65 per rotor based on these factors at a mechanic and almost double this at a local dealership.

Does O'Reilly resurface rotors?

Drum & Rotor Resurfacing

Most O'Reilly Auto Parts locations can resurface your vehicle's drums and rotors if they measure within specs and aren't showing signs of extreme wear. Please contact your local O'Reilly Auto Parts store for pricing and availability on drum and rotor resurfacing.

How do you tell if rotors need replacing?

  • Vibrating Steering Wheel. If you feel pulsing in the brake pedal and vibration in the steering wheel when you slow down, your rotors could be signaling trouble.
  • Intermittent Screeching.
  • Blue Coloration.
  • Excessive Wear Over Time.
  • Where can I take my rotors to get resurfaced?

    We've researched for you and compiled a list of top places that resurface rotors across the country.

  • O'Reilly Auto Parts.
  • Christian Brothers Automotive.
  • Firestone Complete Auto Care.
  • Goodyear Auto Service.
  • Honest-1 Auto Care.
  • Meineke Car Care Center.
  • Merlin Complete Auto Care.
  • Midas.
  • Related Question how much to resurface brake rotors

    How much is a brake job at Jiffy Lube?

    $179 for a Full Brake Replacement Package per Axle at Jiffy Lube ($365 Value)

    Is it OK to sand brake rotors?

    Rotors can be sanded in various ways. One is to apply a non-directional finish with 80- to 120-grit sandpaper on a flat sanding block. You'll see the scratches develop as you use the sanding disc. You really don't want to remove any material; just simply scratch the surface.

    Can I machine my own rotors?

    You can cut or machine a drilled and slotted rotor. Just set your brake lathe to its slowest setting to avoid any chatter. Whenever replacing your pads, you'll want to replace or cut your rotors, so the new pads can bed-in properly.

    Can you smooth out brake rotors?

    Brake rotor resurfacing is a process where a small amount of the brake disc's material is removed with a lathe in order to remove corrosion and brake pad deposits. It can also smooth out surface irregularities that can cause vibrations, such as varying thickness.

    Is it OK to replace only one rotor?

    There is no problem at all replacing a single rotor. They are sold individually, and can be replaced as such. It is especially important to bed in the pads if you do this, but once the pads conform to the rotors, the stopping power on each side will be the same. There can be major problems replacing pads individually.

    How long do rotors last on average?

    Your rotors are one of the most durable parts of your car, but the above factors can shorten their lifespan. Expect your rotors to last anywhere from 30,000-70,000 miles depending on the above factors.

    What is the average lifetime of brake rotors?

    So how long do brake rotors last? It depends. A variety of factors, like your vehicle size, driving style and brake quality, contribute to the lifetime of your brakes. Typically, brake rotors last between 30,000–70,000 miles.

    Does Walmart do brakes and rotors?

    Even though you can't get your brakes serviced at the Walmart Auto Center, you can purchase the parts you may need for your repair in the Walmart store. Walmart sells everything from brake pads, brake rotors, and brake calipers in their stores.

    Are my rotors warped?

    If you notice your steering wheel or brake pedal wobble when you apply the brakes to slow down or stop, chances are your rotors are warped. If the warp isn't too bad, you might not really notice the shaking. If the warp is serious, you'll definitely feel the vibration.

    Does Les Schwab turn rotors?

    Whenever possible, we resurface rather than replace rotors, to save you money when new parts aren't necessary.

    What happens if you drive a car with bad rotors?

    If you suspect you have warped rotors or your brakes are failing, it is important that you avoid driving your vehicle and contact a mechanic right away. Driving with warped rotors potentially will result in a brake system failure, which can cause injury to yourself and those around you.

    Is it easy to change brake rotors?

    Modern brake systems are complex, and while replacing your brake pads and rotors is a fairly straightforward process, it could go wrong if you aren't sure what you're doing.

    Can you resurface a warped rotor?

    Can You Fix Warped Brake Rotors? Depending on how warped your rotors are, a mechanic may be able to straighten them. The process of “fixing” brake rotors is called turning or resurfacing. Brake rotor resurfacing involves scraping down the warped metal to achieve a smooth surface.

    What happens if I don't replace my rotors?

    If you don't replace the rotors when needed, you risk brake failure and an accident. The rotor absorbs and dissipates heat when the brakes are applied. You'll feel a vibration in the steering wheel or brake pedal. Warped rotors increase the stopping distance, which could cause an accident, especially in an emergency.

    Should you machine rotors?

    The brake pads will break down faster and wear out before they should. Machining rotors may be less expensive upfront, but the maintenance and repair are more costly in the long run; if you're at the point where machining your rotors makes sense, you're at the point where a rotor replacement will soon be necessary.

    Does Firestone resurface rotors?

    If you're wondering when to replace brake rotors, come into your nearby Firestone Complete Auto Care store. Our service professionals will perform a free brake check* and inspect your brake system. If brake rotors have significant wear and tear or are warped, they may be able to be resurfaced.

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