Inspect the head for cracks and pits. Look at each part of the head for lines or spots that match the dye color. A line designates a crack, and a spot designates a pit or other small imperfection on the aluminum head. No lines or spots designate an aluminum head free of defects.

How do you check a cylinder head for cracks?

Do aluminum heads crack easily?

Aluminum is less prone to cracking and warping than cast iron is. It cools down faster, throws heat faster, and is repairable, where cast iron has none of these features. Cast iron on the other hand is very prone to cracking, especially in high heat conditions.

Will a car run with a cracked head?

Can you drive a car with a cracked cylinder head? While you can drive with a cracked engine part, it's important to note that doing so is just like driving with any other issue. It will get worse and worse over time if you continue to drive without dealing with the problem.

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How do you fix a hole in a aluminum head?

How do you check for blown head gaskets at home?

Can you have a bad head gasket with good compression?

Registered. Good compression does not rule out bad head gasket.

What is Magnafluxing a cylinder head?

Which crack detection method will help you find a crack in an aluminum part?

Dye Penetrant Inspection

Another method for finding surface cracks and flaws is to use a penetrating dye. Though used mostly on aluminum parts, this technique also works well on cast iron, steel, composite materials and even plastic. The theory behind this technique is that a very light oil will wick into a crack.

How can you detect cracks?

Other Crack Detection Methods. Several other crack detection methods are in common use, including magnetic particle inspection, dye penetrant inspection and ultrasound. For magnetic particle inspection and dye penetrant inspection many chemical preparations are used. These include solvents, dyes and 'developers'.

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