The best way to find a car you previously owned is to use the VIN. With the VIN, you can check the current owner of the car easily. While you might get lucky and find your car without the VIN, having the VIN makes everything a million times easier.

How do I find out what cars are registered in my name?

Search for the car using your driver's license number. Every motor vehicles bureau maintains a comprehensive individual record of its drivers, demarcated by driver's license number. These records will include all cars registered under your name.

How can I find out the owner of a car for free?

  • Use Online Databases (Free or Paid) In this day and age, there are plenty of websites that allow you to search for a vehicle using its VIN.
  • Contact the Authorities.
  • Leaf Through the Paperwork.
  • Get in Touch With Car Clubs.
  • Place an Ad in Traditional and Social Media.
  • Is there a way to find a car? and are two of the best sources to search for new car inventory, but keep in mind they don't list EVERY single vehicle that is potentially out there, so don't be discouraged if you can't find the car you're looking for.

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