Shut off the engine and try to repair the hose leak if you are on the highway and can't get it replaced. To conduct a power steering hose repair, cut the damaged portion of the hose with a sharp knife. Use 2 hose clamps on each side of the hose and connect the hose together using the brass knobs on each clamp. Ensure that the clamps are tight.

How do you repair a power steering hose?

What causes power steering hose leak?

These hoses can leak due to vibrations which cause the hoses to rub against other engine components and eventually wear-out and start leaking fluid. Additionally, the connections between the hoses and other steering system part can be sources of leaks if the connections are not tight enough or if the seals are damaged.

Can I fix a leaking power steering pump?

If you find a leak in your steering gear or rack and pinion, the best way to seal the leak is to use BlueDevil Power Steering Stop Leak. In most cases, these seals are non-replaceable so your only other option is to replace the whole steering rack or gear which can be very expensive.

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