To calculate the P.C.D. of a three stud wheel or hub measure between two holes next to each other (as with five stud below) and multiply by 1.154. Four or Six Stud The P.C.D. of any wheel or hub with an even number of holes can be measured from the inside of one hole directly across to the outside of the hole opposite.

How do you measure lug nut spacing?

How do you measure a wheel?

Are all 5 lug patterns the same?

The hub lug bolt pattern will be determined by the number of lug bolts and the distance between the opposing hub bolt (see 4-lug hub diagram). All but 5-lug patterns are measured in this manner. If your trailer wheel hubs have 5 lug bolts, measuring is slightly different. Be sure that you skip one bolt when measuring.

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How do I find a wall stud without a finder?

  • Shine a flashlight at a steep angle against the wall.
  • Examine the baseboard for nails or outlets.
  • Measure 16 inches from the first stud you find to approximate the location of the next one.
  • Drive a small nail into the wall where you believe you have found a stud.
  • Do I need longer lug nuts for aftermarket wheels?

    Remember that nearly all aftermarket wheels require aftermarket lug nuts because the stock ones will not fit. The more you know about lug nuts, the more secure you and your wheels will be.

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