Is tint easy to remove?

If your window tint is too dark or is scratched, discolored, or bubbly, you can easily remove it without spending a lot of money, whether you're working with vehicle or home windows. You don't even need to spend hours scraping away the tint with a razor and scrubbing off the adhesive!

How do you remove tint from car window with defroster?

How long does it take for tinted car windows to dry?

Window Tint Drying Times

Freshly tinted windows go through a curing process. Curing is the time the tint will take to dry. After you have your windows tinted, it's essential to wait a minimum of three to four days before you roll down your windows.

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How do you remove old window tint without damaging defroster?

Use a razor blade to peel back one of the top corners of the tint. Be careful not to touch the defroster lines with a razor blade to avoid damaging them. Remove the film and the plastic down and away from the window using long, firm motions. Work slowly to carefully remove the film without shredding it into pieces.

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