How to Remove Tint from Car Windows?

  • Soak up the Sun and use Ammonia. In this method we are going to harness the power of sun to make our job easier.
  • Use Fabric Steamer. If you have a fabric steamer at home then congratulations, you can follow this easier method to remove window film.
  • Soap and Newspaper.
  • Hair Dryer method.
  • Soap and Scrape.
  • What is the best way to remove tint from car windows?

    How do I make my tint less dark?

    To remove the excess dye on the underlying skin use an oily (or silicone based) makeup remover, and lightly wipe with a makeup pad. If the pad is left with a brown residue on it, you're on the right track. When dry this should calm the colour by at least one shade.

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