Add Heat to Remove Vinyl-Decals. One of the very best ways to remove a car decal, especially vinyl ones, is to add a little heat to the sticker. This process works using multiple different but helpful tools. The easiest to use, and most accessible one, is a hair dryer.

Can you ask dealer to remove sticker?

Super Moderator. No, it's not rude at all. I ask for that when I order the vehicle as well as put it in writing that there will be no front plate mount/holes drilled in the bumper. If one is buying off the lot, just ask for the sticker to be removedit takes them moments to do so.

How do you remove vinyl decals from stainless steel?

First, peel off as much of the sticker as possible. Follow this by applying oil or alcohol to a clean cloth, and dabbing at the sticker to allow the solution to soak the sticker. Let it sit, then wipe away the sticker with the cloth. Repeat this as necessary until the sticker and residue are gone.

How do you remove dry transfer decals?

If they aren't coated, put tape over them and peel it off. I recommend blue painter's tape so that you don't have to deal with residue. if you haven't put a clear coat over them, just scrape them gently with something hard but a little soft.

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