Engine blowby can be reduced by following 2 steps : Step 1 Simply add FTC Decarbonizer in with the diesel . Step 2 Use Flushing Oil Concentrate when completing an oil change. β€œTo fix engine blow by, FTC Decarbonizer is added to the diesel at each fill, and you literally just drive the engine clean!

How do I stop my engine from Blowby?

The best way to minimize crankcase vapor pressure – blow-by – is to seal the engine as efficiently as possible from cylinder pressure. One way is to minimize ring end gaps by custom setting the end gaps on the top two rings to fit the way the engine will be run.

What causes excessive blow-by in a diesel engine?

Excessive diesel blow-by can be caused by piston rings that are sticking in the bore. Diesel blow-by can be caused by piston rings that are worn out. A cylinder with worn out rings will have low compression and will likely cause a misfire. These piston rings need to be replaced.

Is it bad if a diesel has blow-by?

In a diesel engine, blow by is defined as the compressed fuel/air mixture in the combustion chamber leaking past the piston and entering the crankcase. Blow by is not good since it robs engine power and builds up gas pressure in the crankcase.

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Will bad injectors cause blow by?

Registered. Bad injectors dont cause blowby.

How do you test a diesel blow by?

What causes excessive crankcase pressure?

Powerful spikes in crankcase pressure are a classic sign of a blown head gasket, or a cracked engine block. Leaking exhaust valve seals will also contribute to spikes in crankcase pressure, which are particularly noticeable because the valves are just below the oil filler cap.

Should air be coming out of oil cap?

The air coming out of the oil cap is normal. Think about how the engine is built. The pistons slide up and down in the cylinders, with the bottom of the piston exposed to the oil pan. Just as air is moved by the top of the pistons, air is moved by the bottom of the pistons too.

Should there be pressure when removing oil cap?

To answer your question, there should be a slight vacuum on the crankcase at all times. Oil around the cap can be a sign of a bad check valve in the system, causing the crankcase and valve cover to also become pressurized (boosted) along with the rest of the intake system whenever there is a load on the engine.

Can too much oil damage a diesel engine?

Diesel engine runaway – the biggest risk of oil overfill

Burning all the fuel and oil together will is destroy the engine. When a diesel engine runaway occurs, the only hope you have to stop it is to plug the air-intake!

What happens when you put too much oil in a motor?

When too much oil is added, the level in the oil pan becomes too high. That allows a fast-moving lobed rod called the crankshaft to come into contact with the oil and essentially aerate it. The result is a foamy, frothy substance that cannot properly lubricate the engine.

How do you test a 6.0 blow-by?

Excessive blow-by however, can be caused by piston rings that are sticking in the bore. Solution: One of the ways to check if blow-by is too great is to put your oil filler cap upside down on the filler hole. When running the engine, the cap gets blown off, there is too much pressure in the crank case.

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