How to straight pipe a car? You can follow the steps below; Jack the car up as high as you can, and put Jack stands in place to hold it there. Remove the existing exhaust pipes, catalytic converters, and mufflers.

Is it illegal to have flames come out your exhaust?

Exhaust flame kits

While it may sound like a great idea to have flames pouring out your exhaust pipe Fast & Furious style, it's pretty illegal in most states with many states adopting California Code 27153 as their own mandate.

Do you have to tune your car after straight pipe?

You will need to tune your vehicle to the straight pipe exhaust design if you decide to alter its setup. Your vehicle might sound louder, but it is rare to get a boost in your overall performance. A few extra HP won't give you a better acceleration profile.

What exhausts are illegal?

Exhaust modifications are illegal only if noise emitted is over 95 decibels. Keep in mind California smog laws or other legislation may still make your custom exhaust modifications illegal. All vehicle exhaust systems must have mufflers. Any bypass, cutouts, and especially whistle tips are not permitted.

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