For most drivers, the first indication that the fluid levels are low is a dashboard warning light. Modern transmission systems use plenty of electronic sensors that alert you to any problems. The trouble code is sent immediately to the car’s computer, where it alerts you through a warning light.

Does a light come on when transmission fluid is low?

Low Transmission Fluid

If the parts of the transmission are not properly lubricated, extreme friction can occur, which could result in damage. As a result, the check engine light can be triggered.

Is there a warning light for transmission fluid?

Watch for the Warning Lights

Your transmission has a transmission temperature dashboard warning sign that will come on when your transmission fluid is hotter than it should be. If this light comes on, you should immediately stop your car and check your transmission fluid and coolant level.

Is there a transmission light on cars?

In fact, most cars produced since 2012 included these warning lights as an advance warning system. Not every vehicle uses a specific transmission warning light to alert you to a problem with your transmission. By that we mean there isn't a dedicated transmission light in every vehicle.

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Why would my transmission light come on?

There may be an issue with a transmission temperature sender if the light comes on, or flashes just before the vehicle has warmed up to temperature. If the light sometimes turns on and the off, or comes on only when hitting bumps while driving, it may indicate a loose transmission wiring connection or a bare wire.

What is check transmission light?

A transmission warning light may serve a double duty. It may inform you of transmission faults, but the transmission light in some vehicles may also serve as a maintenance reminder to let you know it is time to check or change your transmission fluid, or to take your vehicle to the dealer for regular maintenance.

What is transmitted light?

Light that has passed through an object, as distinguished from light reflected from a surface. The nonopaque minerals in rocks are commonly studied in transmitted plane-polarized light for characterization and identification by use of a polarized-light microscope.

Should my car be running when I check the transmission fluid?

Leave car in neutral or park. Let engine warm up and continue to run throughout operation unless vehicle's owner's manual says otherwise. (Be aware that some automatic transmission fluid levels are checked with the engine off.

Does the engine need to be warm to add transmission fluid?

Turn on your car, leaving it in park, and let the engine run for a few minutes to warm up. Transmission fluid expands in heat and in order to receive accurate results, it must be under normal operating conditions. If the fluid is low, take your vehicle to an auto center right away for a fill.

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