For example, the 2010 Toyota Prius has a recommended oil interval of one year or 10,000 miles — whichever comes first. How often should you change oil on Prius? For oil and filter changes, Toyota recommends every 10,000 miles or one year; whichever comes first.

How often do Prius need oil changes?

Recommended Oil Change Intervals for Toyota Vehicles

Toyota recommends that customers change the oil in their vehicle, or have it changed for them by a professional every 6 months or 5,000 miles, whichever comes first.

Is it OK to change oil every 10000 miles?

Many automakers have oil-change intervals at 7,500 or even 10,000 miles and 6 or 12 months for time. Even if you drive fewer miles each year than your automaker suggests changing the oil (say, 6,000 miles, with suggested oil-change intervals at 7,500 miles), you should still be getting that oil changed twice a year.

Does hybrid need oil change?

Yes, hybrids need oil changes. If you own a hybrid but have never had the oil changed, please heed this advice: hybrid vehicles, while incredibly fuel-efficient, are not low maintenance vehicles. (Low maintenance vehicles don't really exist by the way. So yes, just like all other vehicles, hybrids need oil changes.

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How long can I go over oil change?

Most cars can go 5,000 to 7,500 miles between oil changes. Your owner's manual will tell you what's best for your car. The 3,000-mile oil change is dead. Cars can be driven more miles between oil changes than this outdated rule of thumb would have you think.

What cars use 0W20 oil?

The new Honda CR-V and Toyota Camry both call for 0W-20 motor oil.

Do I really need to change my oil every 5000 miles?

Depending on vehicle age, type of oil and driving conditions, oil change intervals will vary. It used to be normal to change the oil every 3,000 miles, but with modern lubricants most engines today have recommended oil change intervals of 5,000 to 7,500 miles.

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