Wheel spacers are the best way to fit a wheel that’s not quite the right size for your car or truck onto your car safely. They fit over your existing hub and space the wheel out from the hub, sometimes a little, sometimes a lot, to give you the look you want or the stance you want.

Should you use wheel spacers?

1. You can improve the performance of your vehicle. Wheel spacers are an easy way to improve the performance of your vehicle when you are in the driver's seat. You should install spacers on all four wheels to ensure that this benefit is something that you can experience while driving.

Do wheel spacers affect brakes?

That said, wheel spacers affect suspension geometry, and will change the scrub radius, affecting braking stability, and also reduce the effective spring rate at the wheels. Wheel spacers can also cause wheel bearing failure.

Do spacers affect handling?

Performance. Another reason for using wheel spacers is to increase the handling of your vehicle. This is turn increases the amount of grip that your vehicle has in corners, allowing faster cornering. Spacers can also change the balance of your car's handling.

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Are wheel adapters Safe?

Are Wheel Adapters and Spacers Safe? Many retailers claim wheel spacers and adapters are safe as long as proper installation instructions are followed, alignment is performed, high-quality, parts are purchased, and the accessories are designed for the specific make and model of the vehicle.

Do wheel spacers affect towing?

As long as you're not towing super heavy you should be fine. I've towed a 28ft trailer with spacers before never had a problem.

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