The most common reason a car shuts off while driving is due to a bad crankshaft position sensor or issues with the fuel system. It can also happen due to a bad alternator, ignition switch, empty fuel tank, or car engine sensors problems. While this list gives you a hint of the most common signs, it is far from all of them.

Why would a car just shut off while driving?

When there is something wrong with the alternator, the car runs off of the battery. The battery can only run for so long before it's completely drained. Malfunctioning ignition switch. This loss of power causes the engine of the car to die while driving.

What causes a car to suddenly stop running?

1) Engine Overheating

The most common reason for an engine to stop is that it is overheated. As the internal combustion chamber burns air and fuel to create heat energy, it then becomes mechanical energy which causes the vehicle's parts and components to operate. This will result in the engine shutting down suddenly.

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