AMG stands for “Mercedes-Aufrecht, Melcher and Großaspach”, which is an homage and abbreviation to Hans-Werner Aufrect and Erhard Melcher, with their birthplace being a small town called Großaspach, Germany. While this is the direct meaning of the term “AMG”, it’s just barely touching the surface of what it means.

What's the difference between AMG and regular Mercedes?

AMG is the performance division/trim of Mercedes-Benz. AMG Mercedes-Benz automobiles are tuned in a specific way and upgraded for additional power. These vehicles also provide extra-sporty handling and more stylish aesthetics. All of these qualities add up to distinguish AMG vehicles from so-called “normal” vehicles.

Why are AMG cars so expensive?

The price tag is higher, so is it truly worth it? Many shoppers say yes it is. Every AMG® engine is handcrafted by skilled workers, molded for the model they're installed in. These engines are notoriously more powerful and better-performing than 'normal' models.

Do Mercedes own AMG?

Between 1999 and 2005, AMG sold all of their remaining shares in the company to Daimler-Benz, meaning the company was now completely owned by Mercedes.

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What does 63 mean in Mercedes?

The AMG 63s – No Compromise V8 Muscle

Despite actually displacing 6.2 litres, Mercedes badged the car as a 6.3 as a nod to the old M100. Subsequent models that used the engine also went on to carry the “63” badge. Currently, the “63” badge denotes all V8-powered Mercedes-AMG models except the AMG GT.

Is AMG worth getting?

They are the best cars to drive in their respective line-ups (and also the quickest), but come with huge running costs for fuel, tax, and insurance. If you love driving, want a Mercedes and have a deep wallet, the AMG models really are the only way to go.

How do I know if my Mercedes is AMG?

Registered. Take a look under the hood and look at the engine. If it has the signature plaque, it's an AMG.

What does S63 mean?

S63 may refer to: S-63 (encryption standard), an International Hydrographic Organization standard for encrypting and securing electronic navigational chart data. S63: In case of accident by inhalation: remove casualty to fresh air and keep at rest, a safety phrase in chemistry.

What does the AMG package include?

The AMG sports package is available on all E-class design lines and with all E-class engine types. The package includes sporty front and rear apron designs, as well as side skirts. Polished stainless steel tailpipes are incorporated into the rear apron.

What does SLK stand for?

The Mercedes acronym, "SLK", refers to the body type of the car produced in German. Technically it stands for "sportlich leight kurz", which translated to English means "sporty light short". This version of a Mercedes' sports car was manufactured from 1996-2016, when the line was renamed "SLC", or "C" class.

Who is the CEO of AMG?


Does BMW have AMG?

And what truly sets them apart from other car manufacturers is their performance divisions, BMW's M GmbH and Mercedes' AMG division. Together they've produced some of the greatest cars ever made. From the E30 M3 to the SLS AMG. These German giants are the ultimate combination of luxury and performance.

What is AMG body styling?

AMG Body Styling | Adds a polished chrome cross-strut, a deep front air dam, flared side sills and rear valence, a color-keyed diffuser insert, and 18″ or 19″-wheel AMG wheels. Rear Spoiler | Adds athletic styling to the sleek body and reduces aerodynamic lift.

What is the AMG Night package?

With the AMG Night package, selected exterior elements are finished in high-gloss black. Depending on the selected paint colour, this results in bold contrasts or fluid transitions. Both cases demonstrate your feeling for individual, dynamic design and an expressively sporty character.

What does Mercedes AMG line mean?

The letters “AMG” stand for Aufrecht, Melcher and Großaspach. Aufrecht and Melcher were the original founders of AMG and Großaspach was Aufrecht's birth place. Today, AMG represents the highest standard of Mercedes-Benz, whether the slick styling of the AMG Line trim, or the roaring power of an AMG engine.

What does Großaspach mean?

These three iconic letters hold a more personal meaning. The “A” in the AMG® stands for one of the founders; Hans-Werner Aufrect. The “G” of the AMG® is for their hometown, Großaspach. So, that would mean that when you see AMG® in a Mercedes-Benz vehicle, it stands for Aufrect Melcher Großaspach.

What does SLS AMG stand for?

The Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG (C197 / R197) is a front mid-engine, 2-seater, limited production grand tourer developed by the Mercedes-AMG division of German automotive manufacturer Mercedes-Benz, with the assistance of David Coulthard. SLS stands for "Super Leicht Sport" (Super Light Sport).

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