What Do Wheel Spacers Do and Are They Safe? – Cargister. So you’ve come here wondering what a wheel spacer is and what do they do? Well, in short they help you fit wider tires between the hub and the wheel. Let’s see how a wheel spacer does this. Basically, wheel spacers are used to setup larger, wider, custom tires.

Do you need an alignment after changing wheels?

We recommend an alignment after the installation of new tires. This helps you get the most life from your new tires. The most common signs of misalignment are pulling to one side while you're driving, unusual tire wear and/or a steering wheel that's off-center even though your vehicle is pointed straight.

Do wheel spacers affect offset?

Yes, they change offset. If you have 40mm offset wheels, a 10mm spacer would make them 30mm. This why you should ALWAYS buy a higher numerical offset when you have any doubts. A 50mm offset can become a 45mm with spacers, but until someone invents an anti-matter spacer, it isn't going to happen the other way around.

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