Can I drive with a glow plug problem?

You can probably drive safely with the Glow Plug Light on as long as you take it easy. But you do need to get it checked out. Always remember, your warning lights are trying to tell you something, and determining whether the message is serious or of little consequence is best left up to a qualified mechanic.

Why does glow plug light came on when driving?

When the Glow Plug Indicator symbol becomes visible on your vehicle, it's likely that your vehicle will enter a “safe mode” in order to prevent any damage to the engine. When in safe mode, you will notice that your vehicle will experience a dramatic drop in performance.

Do petrol cars have glow plugs?

While petrol engines use spark plugs during ignition, diesel engines use glow plugs to start. The principal role of glow plugs is to heat up the air in a combustion chamber of a diesel engine to allow it to reach the necessary temperature. There may be as many as 10 glow plugs, one for each cylinder of the engine.

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How many spark plugs does a diesel have?

A diesel engine requires one glow plug for each cylinder in the engine. If your vehicle has a six-cylinder engine, you would need six glow plugs for the engine. A diesel engine needs zero spark plugs and one glow plug per cylinder.

Do diesel engines have spark plugs?

Spark plugs are used in the petrol engines to ignite the air fuel mixture whereas in diesel engines the presence of spark plugs is not necessary. Technically petrol engines are called as spark ignition engines ( SI ) and diesel engines are called as compression ignition engines (CI ) .

Where is the glow plug in a diesel engine?

Glow plugs are used in diesel engines to help heat the fuel in preparation for the combustion chamber when the engine is cold. They are powered using all 12 volts available from the battery, and are located on top of the cylinders.

What is the price of spark plugs?

You can pay between $16 and $100 for a set of spark plugs, depending on the type of plugs you need and the number of cylinders your engine has.

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